Mercs, The Finally - Crown and Anchor 21/09/2019

I tried to start this night out on a happy note by grabbing a quesadilla from Zambies, It worked for the moment but didn’t last long.. Mercs have been a staple in the Adelaide gigging scene since 2017, which saw them release their first studio single ‘Isolator’, they soon followed this up with ‘Humdrum’ and ‘Tidelines’ in 2018 which quickly saw them gain widespread appeal across the state and allowed them to appear on line ups with interstate acts such as These New South Whales, Boat show and RAAVE TAPES. Their songs evoking a sense of nostalgia and although their Unearthed page might say they are an Indie Rock band, they bring in elements of post-punk and new wave similar to other Adelaide acts such as Horror my Friend. The final show which also doubled as an Ep launch party was kicked off by Alternative Country outfit Dead Roo, a band, who in their own right have been kicking ass within the local music scene and recently performed at Woolly Mammoth and A Day Of Clarity festivals. Also nominated for the Peoples Choice Country artist in the upcoming SAM Awards, I couldn’t think of anyone better to open this night up. After a quick intermission the Emo alternative Adelaide Hardcore shoegaze indie independent band Colourblind took the stage and if you think that is a lot of tags well you’d be right (According to their Unearthed page at least) and I would tend to agree, for Colourblind are a band that don’t fit a particular genre very well, taking influences from a myriad of different sources, The 3 guys and 1 Gal sucked us all in with their eclectic brand of Hardcore meets Shoegaze, with dreamy sing a longs and more ferocious breakdowns I found myself banging my head in the front row almost as soon as they started. Finn Cameron (Vocalist and Guitarist) obviously sensing the emotion in the air and taking that all in and dishing it right back out again, with Songs such as ‘Water’ and ‘Entice me’ seeing a clear response from myself and the rest of the packed out Crown and Anchor band room.

Like Mercs, Colourblind was formed back in 2017 with their first release in July of that same year. Their demo soon received high praise, allowing them to build a strong and quite loyal following at that. By the time that Finn belted out the last note, I was quite pumped and excited to see Mercs take the stage. After another quick intermission (In which I couldn’t actually leave the band room due to the Crankers’ staff threatening to kick me out as they had seen that my ID had expired when I went to get a drink, I should get onto that soon aye) the band room seemed to almost fill to an exorbitant capacity, this was a show that no one wanted to miss. It seemed every man and his dog were here, I caught a few of the members of West Thebarton, Dress Code, Towns and a myriad of other high profile names all clamber in to see what is quite clearly a well-loved band.

It wasn’t long before my spot up the front almost became a spot on stage, as Mercs launched into their first song the crowd hit me, having to keep my balance on the speakers, this isn’t a complaint mind you because I was ready and eager for this to become an energetic show. Quickly one of the members of Dead Roo made his way on stage to dance and sing along to Mercs Repertoire, Increasing the already wholesome and chaotic scene that was unfolding before me, every so often Vocalist Harry would catch glimpses of how loved the band was, letting off a cheeky smile that had clear emotion behind it. Launching into everyone’s favourites like ‘Isolator’ and ‘Humdrum’, It wasn’t long before they started playing the songs off their New ep, which as I said was being launched and unveiled here at their final show. A wonderful gift for everyone that managed to come out and although we might not ever hear these songs again you can sus the new Ep for yourself at the end of this article. As soon as Harry finished the last note on the last ever performed Mercs song the chants for an Encore began immediately, myself included. With Harry making a slicing of the neck motion and calling out “We really don’t have anything left” and he was right, they had performed pretty much their entire discography, showing that the band may have had a small range of songs but it was clear those songs were admired so strongly by the fans. This is when the pile on began, Harry started by hugging his bandmates, clear emotion running through all of them, then the crowd poured in, everyone jumping on stage to express their admiration for all of them and their final ever mesmerising set. I said Gday to Harry afterwards, thanked him for a top show and that was it, The well-loved and truly admired Mercs were finished, although I’m sure the members will go on to appear in different musical projects in the future they will never again appear on stage under the name Mercs..

Unless we can get a reunion show going.. Thank you, Lads, We’ll miss you. RIP.

Photos By Myself and Marty Lee.

Thanks for having us Mercs xoxo

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