Spacey Jane Review (Paddo RSL, Thursday 28th November)

Fresh out of Freemantle, the indie rock four-piece Spacey Jane returned back to Sydney for the east coast leg of their Head Cold Tour. This tour included the support of Newcastle friends Vacations and Los Angeles legend, SASAMI. Spacey Jane would visit many great venues on this tour, and the Paddo RSL was a perfect pick for them as they performed in Sydney. 

The first band of the night, Vacations, played some new ones for us, including the unreleased Lavender, which fit perfectly into the chill vibe of their previous releases. This was my first time seeing Vacations live, after finding them pop up in my Spotify Discover Weekly about a year ago. The soft, synthy indie rock sound they created bounced off the walls of the venue, getting the decent sized crowd up and moving. As well as including some newer ones in their set, they also made sure to incorporate some crowd favourites into their performance, including Moving Out and Relax. It was great to finally see Vacations perform, and I’d highly recommend that you catch one of their shows in the future. 

All the way from the United States, SASAMI was the second support band of the night. I was unfamiliar with her work prior to the show, but was nicely surprised with her striking stage presence and her ability to captivate the attention of an entire crowd. Using a harsh, yet still calm sound, SASAMI was able to encapsulate a variety of elements from a range of different genres, making her sound extremely unique but at the same time, still familiar. In her set, she included some of the best songs from within her work, including Take Care and Free. SASAMI was an interesting choice for the second support act, yet this is hardly a bad thing. Often, seeing a support band that you’re completely unfamiliar with can be one of the greatest parts of your night, because you could discover your new favourite act. Altogether, the combination of both Vacations and SASAMI were an excellent choice for Spacey Jane’s Head Cold Tour. 

A huge crowd had gathered to see Spacey Jane, showing their commitment and willingness to take the Friday hangover risk. Before long, Caleb, Kieran, Peppa and Ashton took the stage in front of their already ecstatic fans. The energy of the entire room was electric, soon beginning to smell of sweat and beer as Spacey Jane performed some of their biggest hits, namely Thrills and Feeding the Family. Part way through their set, sections of the crowd were beginning to get perhaps a bit overly excited and Caleb leaned over to his microphone with slight concern in his voice; “It’s great to have a bit of fun, but just be aware of the people around you so everyone has a good time and stays safe.” After this, for the most part, the fans settled a little bit, yet still were able to express their excitement and enthusiasm as they moshed around to their faster songs. Spacey Jane’s own bass queen Peppa Lane laid down the super smooth bass lines that they have become so well known for, only seeming to get more and more rhythmic as their set progressed. Caleb’s vocals are a hugely iconic aspect of Spacey Jane’s sound, pairing perfectly with every chord and note that Ashton and Kieran struck. 

After hearing some of the songs that have been in my Spotify playlists for months and months finally being performed live, I can say with absolute confidence that these four extremely talented musicians are going to be exceedingly successful in the years to come. By writing songs that convey the same energy live as they do recorded, it’s not hard to see why so many dates on this tour have sold out. With such an already dedicated community of fans, I’m stoked to see that Spacey Jane are finally getting the hype and recognition of talent that they so well deserve. Without a doubt, this is the band to be keeping your eye on. 

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Written by Zoë Sounness

All photos by Zoë Sounness


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