The greatest podcast series nobody asked for...

With the lockdown set to continue to varying degrees over the next year, it is now certain that live venues will not return to pre-COVID capacities for a while, causing a world of hurt for everyone within the music industry that relies on those live events for work and content, with that in mind we thought it would be the perfect time for A NEW podcast to take the social reigns and keep our community sane! I am of course talking about The Australian Underground podcast, our new venture into the oversaturated world of Podcasting although with a unique take on the medium. We want to use it to spread more diverse and interesting stories and experiences of living in our sunburnt country.

In our first episode, we spoke to Ras Minano, a world-class musician who managed to get out of the ghettos of Ghana and use his musical gift to help spread messages of love and hope, we spoke about the challenges of growing up in Accra, Ghana and how music generally just shapes his life.

This week we bring it back home a little, chatting to Josh Morphett, founder of the incredibly popular 'Space Jams Fest' a Livestreamed event that sees Space Jams bringing all our favourite artists right into our homes, Josh is one of those enterprising musos, that couldn't face the fact of being stuck at home doing sweet F*ck all so, with a small team of equally dedicated musos he started Space Jams, which was just meant to be a one-off but has since morphed into a full-blown Instagram Festival.

With their first ‘live’ live-streamed event coming up on the 15th of August we thought we’d get Josh in to chat all about the future of Space Jams, His current thoughts on the state of the music industry as well as the very important topic of what it’s like being A Father of 2 and the mental changes you have to make, We even managed to sh*t on the liberal Government a little, as is tradition!

The full Video and Audio links for the Podcast are below and we do encourage everyone to leave suggestions for the future of the show, we see this as something that will morph over time and become a real vessel for social change, Or at least that's our wishful thinking...




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