Words I've Kept to Myself - The End of an Era for SODA (Words + Podcast)

Words and Images by Tiah Bullock

About a year ago, one Wednesday night while at uni, my best friend convinced me to walk down Union Street to a bar where a local band would be playing. That band was SODA. That night was my first encounter with Adelaide’s music scene. The experiences that have since proceeded, people I consider my closest friends and part of the work I do now, I owe to that one gig alone. In many ways, I owe it to SODA.

I think a lot of the sentiment I have for music now is very much entangled in a sense of community. That which I now understand less as a proscenium but in its very subversion - the nexus of ‘those-who-watch’ and ‘those-who-watch-back’. For me, and I assure in spite of any personal affiliations, the ethos of ‘SODA’ as an idea has always been in the pursuit for such earnest sharing. The “How to Navigate Your Breathing” experience is I think then the real testament to this.

It’s funny, having entered the world of SODA on the precipice of this project’s commencement, I can sort of timeline my relationship with not only the band, but all that has come symptomatically - again, people I’ve met, catch ups based on attending each ‘Act’, conversations about art and music and the connections that have transpired from them. I should also mention that the project itself, being a multimodal entity, called on a real collaborative spirit - various filmmakers, photographers, actors etc. eager to participate in the actualising of something I’d like to consider truly ‘human’. In this way, it is very much a multi-faceted expression, stretching out not just as a scene-by-scene chronology of singles, but also festivals, videos, online exhibitions, again I could go on. I don’t know that I can name another band who offers such tactility - recognising the struggle towards articulacy as the opportune for dedicated and thorough expressions.

Muddy Waters” marks the finale of SODA’s, H2NYB and as far as swan songs go, this one is truly brilliant. It enacts the presences and absences of sound that so perfectly contextualise feelings often feeble when written down. It feels like a soundtrack - as though it is aware of itself as a finality, the closing ‘driving on the highway’ of a coming of age type film. It’s apparent that the nexus of music and lyric has been so well considered, and with Cam I too couldn’t help but cry, eddying at the swell of sound as he sings over and over, ‘…and I found out I was just like, I found out I was just like, I found I was just like them … ’.

The photos you see are some I took a few weeks back as SODA filmed their last video of the project. At wrap, I was able to sit down and interview them which I was initially going to transcribe into an article but I decided it worked quite well as a kind of ‘bedroom podcast’. Be sure to check out their single on Spotify and the H2NYB playlist made by Nic.

Catch SODA live on August 15th.

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Excerpts from Cameron's H2NYB Brief


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