What WE can do for YOU.

The filming and interviewing aspect of The Australian Underground is, of course, the main aspect of what we do but we also offer promotional and booking services for bands, venues, events etc.

With a focus on underground artistry in our content, we also want to offer our collective experience in the industry and help bands and artists promote themselves or book shows and gigs.

The Australian Underground is more than just some skinny ginger-haired kid talking non-sense with musicians on camera.

We'll help get your music or art across to people and get the opportunities to show those people.

On top of using our services, you will directly be supporting the creation of our interviews and 'Journalism' innovation.  If this interests you, hit the contact button below and let us know what you're needing and we'll deliver price and details to you.

Want to be our next featured band? Want to advertise or promote through us? Maybe you want to write for us?

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